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Veronica & Doyn's - Loews Annapolis Hotel


Two extraordinary people, Veronica and Doyin, welcomed me into their lives to capture one of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever seen. From Veronica’s Cinderella gown to a vibrant bouquet of ruby red, to the floating candles and romantic ambience of the reception – all of the details were so beautifully orchestrated that they took my breath away.

But what is most remarkable, and dare I argue the most beautiful thing of all, is the true and honest love that Veronica and Doyin share. Their happiness and joy outshone every single floating candle and glowing centrepiece. It overpowered even the most stunning of wedding details that day. Their love… something so genuine, honest, and true – reminded me why I am so passionate about documenting weddings. The look on Doyin’s face, tear-streaked and overwhelmed with emotion, as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle. The emotion in Veronica’s eyes as she said… I do. The cheers from friends and family as a husband and wife changed into traditional Nigerian attire at the end of the reception.

This is love. This is happiness. This is what weddings are truly all about.

I’m so excited to share a few of my favorites from Veronica & Doyin’s wedding.
Congratulations newlyweds!