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Pamela & Jude’s Intimate Ponte Vedra Wedding

Pamela & Jude’s Intimate Ponte Vedra Wedding

Wednesday, August 28, 2013,

When I arrived at the Cabana Club in Ponte Vedra Beach for Pam and Jude’s wedding, it was thundering and lightning. The officiant and I stood on the boardwalk looking at the very dark clouds rolling our way. The big question… were we going to have to move the ceremony to an indoor location. The coordinator talks to the bride, she says, “She wants the ceremony on the beach no matter what”. Then this happens…

When people think of Landscape Photography locations, they often visualize views of plains, mountains, valleys, and forests. Coastal photography is often overlooked, which is a shame because the ocean offers a unique and dynamic beauty that is well worth capturing. Whether in Alaska or the tropics, few landscapes can compete with the coast.

Arriving at the coastline, you quickly find that on a clear day, cool and warm tones naturally coexist, as does the contrast between solid land and flowing water. And on days when the weather is less than favourable, the sea can make for some dramatic, moody scenes that make for great photos too.

But despite all its beauty, photographing this landscape is not as easy as it seems. The oceans are rough for your gear, the compositions are challenging and, frankly, certain times of day and lighting situations can turn an almost perfect landscape into a flat, boring place. In this article, I will share with you tips that help me take beautiful photos of the beach that I love to shoot every year. Follow these tips and hopefully, you'll be able to take home your stunning seascape photos, regardless of which coast of the world you visit.